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Applying Micro-X and SuperCDMS know-how to a new problem

We are developing new SuperCDMS detectors with much lower thresholds than the previous generation. The lower threshold opens up new avenues for applying our detector technology to new physics problems. Micro-X TES devices use multiplexing to read out large numbers of pixels. We want to leverage these detector technologies from both SuperCDMS and Micro-X and apply it to neutrino physics.

The Ricochet experiment will make detailed measurements of the spectrum of Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nulceus Scattering (CEνNS) at a nuclear reactor. A collaboration of European and US institutions, the Ricochet experiment will place an array of cryogenic detectors near the ILL nuclear reactor in Grenoble, France, to perform a high-statistics precision measurement of the CEνNS spectrum. We are designing optimized TES thermometer chips to read out various types of targets for the Ricochet experiment.